Luxury Kennels Leicestershire

Terms & Conditions

All new clients must come for a viewing before any bookings will be taken. This gives us a chance to meet your dog and gives you a chance to see where they'll be staying. We tell you about the service we offer and you tell us about the needs of your dog, for example - behaviour problems, health issues etc.


All dogs must be fully vaccinated including the Kennel Cough vaccination to board with us, you must bring along their vaccination cards for them to stay. We will accept Titre tests.

We are not held responsible for illness, accidents, damaged or lost bedding and toys.

We do not socialise dogs from other households, our dogs can see each-other through our runs for interaction but never face to face.

We walk our dogs for 0.5 miles, twice a day off-site.

Dogs from the same household will be kennelled together unless asked otherwise. We will separate the dogs if there is any cause for concern, should we feel necessary. This may result in loosing your 10% sharing discount.

The 10% discount for dogs sharing is only given providing they can be walked by one walker.

We will use our registered vets for any treatment deemed necessary by the vet (not in the case of ongoing medical condition). We will transport your dogs safely via car with a fitted dog safety guard.

We may photograph your dogs for use on our website unless stated otherwise.

We do our best to care for your dogs as we would our own, but they are boarded at your risk.

In the event of an emergency and our kennels become inhabitable we will find nearby suitable kennels to take your dogs for the rest of their stay if your emergency contact cannot help.

You will be charged from the dates booked even if collected early unless we are notified at least 7 days before your stay.

Check-in and departure times - important

One day is 11am until 11am. Should you want to drop your dog before 11am you will be charged from the previous day. Should you want to collect your dog after 11am you will be charged for the next night. For example - Drop off at 11am on Monday and collected at 3pm on Tuesday will be charged as a two nights stay.

You will be charged a £10 cancellation fee for any cancelled bookings, £25 if cancelled less than 7 days before your dogs due to stay.

We no longer take cancellations over the phone to cancel a booking send an email to or send a text to 07860177484

We are open to boarders 365 days a year, although there is an extra charge for your dog to stay on Christmas eve, Christmas day, boxing day, new years eve and new years day.


We do not accept card payments. Cash or cheque on collection only.

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Luxury Boarding Kennels

Warm, clean, bright, friendly

Open 365 days a year

Eco-friendly purpose-built kennels

Licensed & regularly inspected

Underfloor heating

Dedicated, qualified caring staff

On-site dog grooming

Natural countryside location

License Information

Licensed to keep an animal boarding establishment (commercial).
License No. 15/04377/EHABCM
Issued by Kettering Borough Council
License Holder : Collette Williams

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